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  • Joseph Polack


With every passing week of coronavirus pandemic, my life was becoming simpler: After a few hours of morning writing, followed by my daily 1.2 km ocean swimming at noon, I usually enjoyed my lonely afternoon biking tours along our increasingly deserted Shonan coast.

Day by day hunting for food birds were outnumbering beach folks. Coronavirus was changing our flying friends‘ life.

Bringing the daily food supplies from my neighbors to our four-legged friends living in the beach shelter have become more challenging recently.

Since last week my bicycle was being followed by the growing bunch of clever crows ready to steal whatever food I might have left unprotected in my basket. They were faster with every passing day.

Down-to-earth crows seemed far smarter and better organized survivors than the high-fying-hawks. Our crows' ability to readjust their food-hunting-skills to our rapidly changing beach life was amazing. And yet, we all were outsmarted by the unexpected beach arrivals just a few hours ago...

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